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====== 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6 ====== ===== Work Log ===== ==== 5/7/13 ==== Purchased from Bell Honda in Phoenix, Arizona. ==== 5/14/13 ==== Disabled the ANC module by removing the two pieces of molding between the seats. Removed the console pocket via the two visible screws. Removed the Bluetooth module by removing the two 7mm bolts and disconnecting. ANC module was then visible and removed plug from back side. Other websites have also reported this being much easier to access by removing the plastic wall at the left side of the passenger's foot compartment. ==== 6/21/13 ==== Took the Accord into the dealership because we discovered that the passenger's side electronic seat controls were not working. Upon inspection they found they had been disconnected during alarm or remote start installation. Plugged it back in and the power seats were verified to work. Invoice Details (130621_Seat_Fix.png): <code>A CUSTOMER STATES POWER SEAT ON PASSENGER SIDE INOP. CHECK AND ADVISE CONNECTOR DISSCONNECTED FOR AFTERMARKET ALARM. FOUND UNDER DASH SUB FUSE-RELAY BOX CONNECTOR "A" DISCONNECTED AND CONNECTED IN SERIES WITH ALARM. ALARM THEN WAS CONNECTED IN THE VACANT SPOT BUT HAS MISSING TERMINAL THAT SUPPLIES POWER/ GROUND FOR PASSENGER SIDE POWER SEAT. DISCONNECTED AFTERMARKET CONNECTOR AND RECONNECTED FACTORY CLIP TO FUSE-RELAY BOX. ALL OK AFTER REPAIR. RESET TIME AND AUDIO CODE</code> ==== 8/31/13 ==== Passenger rear tire was flat and the tire pressure light came on. I refilled the tire and took it to Bell Honda. They repaired the tire which had a screw in it at no cost. Also asked about remote start issue: When trying to operate remote start the fob displays an indicator to put the car in park, when the car is already in park. I suspect the sensor is misaligned or bad. Will follow up at first oil change in a few weeks. Invoice: 130831_Flat_Tire.png ==== 10/3/13 ==== Took in for first oil change and also to fix the faulty remote start. <code>A. PERFORM OIL CHANGE FOR MPP SERVICE CONTRACT 0W 20 ENGINE OIL USED. PERFORM MULTI POINT INSPECTION. TOP OFF FLUIDS AND SET AIR PRESSURE IN THE TIRES. B. CUSTOMER STATES REMOTE SAYS PARK VEHICLE WHEN CAR IS IN PARK FOUND BAQ R/C ENGINE START CONTROL UNIT, RECOMMEND REPLACE C. CUSTOMER STATES CHECK ALL RECALLS ARE UP TO DATE RECALL CUSTOMER STATES CHECK ALL RECALLS ARE UP TO DATE D. ROTATE TIRES MPP RTM ROTATE TIRES MPP E. COMPLETE COURTESY MULTI POINT INSPECTION MPI COMPLETE COURTESY MULTI POINT INSPECTION</code> Invoices: 131003_OilChange_1.png 131003_OilChange_2.png ==== 12/16/13 ==== Passenger seat electronics were non-operational. This was the same issue as before and had to do with how the remote start was connected. Seems to be completely fixed after this visit. <code>A. CUSTOMER STATES WHEN DRIVING AT LOW SPEEDS OR BRAKING HE GETS A HARD SCREECH FROM THE BRAKES (ADVISOR HEARD IT WHEN PULLING UP) PLEASE CHECK AND ADVISE B. CUSTOMER STATES THAT THE REMOTE START AND PASSENGER SIDE FRONT SEAT DO NO COOPERATE (IF POWER TO ONE WORKS THE OTHER DOES NOT) PLEASE CHECK AND ADVISE CUSTOMER STATES REMOTE START OR PASSENGER SIDE POWER SEATS WILL NOT WORK, VERIFIED CONCERN FOUND PASSENGER SIDE POWER SEAT INOP, PERFORMED INPUT TEST ON SWITCH THERE WAS NO POWER, INSPECTED UNDER DASH SUB RELAY BOX FOUND TWO HARNESS CONNECTORS PLUGGED REVERSE TO EACH OTHER SEAT WAS PLUGGED INTO REMOTE START AND REMOTE START WAS PLUGGED INTO SEAT, RECONNECTED CONNECTORS INTO CORRECT LOCATIONS THERE IS A FULL 12V SOURCE TO PASSENGER SIDE SEAT AND REMOTE START IS GOOD AT THIS TIME WITHIN SPECS. C. PERFORM ZAKTEK APPLICATION INCLUDES CLEAN EXTERIOR, WINDOWS AND VACUUM FLOORS ZAKTEK PERFORM ZAKTEK APPLICATION INCLUDES CLEAN EXTERIOR, WINDOWS, AND VACUUM FLOORS</code> Invoice: 131216_Passenger_Seat.png

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