Monopoly Simulator - C#


Goal at Beginning of Project

The goal of this project is to use Visual Studio .NET's C# Programming Language to create a Monopoly Simulator. The goal of this simulator is to create a fully functional Monopoly game, complete with trading of properties and other human-like factors. The idea is to create various types of player AIs that will play the game versus other types of AIs to come out with a general winner in all cases. The end goal is to be able to tell 4 players to use Strat A/B/C/D and play 1000 games to figure out the best of those strategies.

Goal at End of Project

To be completed at end of project.


This Monopoly Simulator has/will go through two versions: The original version using WinForms, and the new version using WPF. The original version was written in December 2009 and was my first “big” C# project. The original code is r1 in the SpectralCoding SVN. The new version starts at r2. The first version got to the point to where the AI players would travel around the map, purchase properties, pay rent, and do other special things on the board such as Chance Cards and Luxury Tax. It's not December 2011 and I've decided I'm going to rewrite the entire thing and (hopefully) finish it.

Tools Used

We will be using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition with C# as the programming language of choice.


Game uses the Standard (American Edition) Monopoly game board layout prior to September 2008. Luxury Tax = $75, Income Tax = 10% or $200.

Programming Notes


Daily Log

12/21/2011 @ 8:35pm

I've decided to redo this project. The complete notes from the previous iteration are located here: 111221_monopoly_notes.txt.

Major Challenges

Resources Used

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