Freshwater Fish Tank

Build Sheet

Picture Function Price Link
Tank $382.23 MarineDepot: Clear-for-Life Rectangle 50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium - Regular
Light $139.99 MarineDepot: AquaticLife Marquis Freshwater 36 Inch Dual Lamp T5 HO Light Fixture
Power Filter $79.99 Amazon: AquaClear 110 Aquarium Power Filter - for 60 to 110 Gallon
Substrate 3x$22.65 Doctors Foster and Smith: CaribSea Instant Aquarium Freshwater Substrates, Peace River
Heater $52.95 Amazon: Fluval E 200-Watt Electronic Heater
Decoration $39.99 Doctors Foster and Smith: Marina® Aquarium Stone Ceramic Caves - 8-Piece Set
Decoration $39.99 Doctors Foster and Smith: Hydor Deco Kit with LED Bubble Maker
Test Kit $25.99 MarineDepot: API Freshwater Master Test Kit
Background $25.44 Amazon: Blue Life USA Water Background, Black, 36 by 25-Inch
Coral $22.10 Amazon: Deep Blue Professional ADB80010 Octopus Coral for Aquarium, 8.5 by 4.5 by 11-Inch, Black
Air Pump $20.12 Amazon: Hydrofarm AAPA15L 6-Watt 15-LPM Active Aqua Air Pump with 4 Outlets
Air Valve 4x$4.55 Amazon: Single Way Aquarium Control Air Water Flow Lever Valve
Bacteria $14.55 Amazon: Instant Ocean 77964 IO BIO-Spira (Marine), 8.45-Ounce, 250-ml
Vacuum $13.49 MarineDepot: Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Gravel Cleaner - 16 Inch Large
Dechlorinator $12.02 Amazon: Seachem Prime 500ml
Fake Plant $9.99 Doctors Foster and Smith: Wall of Plants Microphilia
Air Tubing $8.19 Amazon: Python Airline Tubing for Aquarium, 25-Feet
Decoration $6.99 Doctors Foster and Smith: Sand Banks, Red/Brown
Fake Plant $5.99 Doctors Foster and Smith: Marineland 12"Artificial Plant "B" Multi-Pack
Air Line Connectors $4.99 Amazon: Jardin Plastic Air Valves Connectors 12-Piece Inline Tubing for Aquarium, White
Air Suction Cups $4.60 Amazon: Jardin Suction Cup Airline Tube 20-Piece Holders/Clips/Clamps for Aquarium, Clear
Air Stones $4.15 Amazon: Jardin Plastic End 2-Piece Air Stone Bars, 4-Inch, Blue/Green
Thermometer $3.99 Amazon: Marina Floating Thermometer with Suction Cup
Air Check Valves $3.91 Amazon: Jardin Air Pump Plastic Non Return 4-Piece Check Valves for Aquarium, Red/Clear
Air Stones $3.91 Amazon: Jardin Ball Shaped Bubble Release 5-Piece Aquarium Air Stones, 30mm Diameter, Gray
Fish Net $3.58 Amazon: Tetra 77840 Whisper SoftNet Nylon Net, 3-Inch
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