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Atari Asteroids AutoPlay


Goal at Beginning of Project

The goal of this project is to use a combination of custom build physical hardware and Microsoft's C# Programming Language to create an automated Asteroids “Player”. Methodologies based around how this will happen are beyond the scope of this description but two components will be necessary. These major parts/questions of the project are: How do I get the Asteroids input into the computer? How do I then interpret the “screen” and send appropriate signals back to the controls?

Goal at End of Project

To be completed at end of project.


This project is something I've dreamed of doing for about 5-6 years. I've seen videos of players playing Asteroids with their extra ship count spanning across their entire screen. I've also been very interested in some day coupling the physical world with my programming skills. I don't know a terrible amount about electronic theory but I have built quite a few electrical projects, never have designed my own circuit. This will definitely be a long and trying process.

Tools Used

We will be using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition with C# as the programming language of choice. As far as physical tools I have a wide assortment of tools including a an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, etc.


I am using an Atari Asteroids upright cabinet manufactured in 1979. The monitor assembly is an Electrohome G05-801 Black & White Vector Monitor. The installed ROM is Rev 2 which displays “1979 Atari” at the bottom of the title screen.

Electronics Notes

Electrohome Input Pin Assignments (P703)

Pin No Description Impedance Voltage
1 X 1K Ohms +/- 10V (0V Center)
3 Y 1K Ohms +/- 7.5V (0V Center)
5 Z 220 Ohms Min 0.5V Blanking
1.0V Off
4.0V Full On
6 Key

Source: Instruction and Service Manual - G05 Monochrome X-U Monitor "Quadrascan" - Page 8

Programming Notes


Daily Log

3/12/2013 @ 8:35am

Started the write up and research for the project.

Major Challenges

Resources Used

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